Reparation needed?

Small accidents can happen and luckily it is very easy to repair damage on a product made from concrete. You can even do this yourself. All you have to do is contact us and we will send you the repair set in combination with the repair manual. It is also possible to have the reparation done by one of our installers.

Order a repair set

We offer different repair sets dependent on the type of damage.

Is the damage only on the coating? Then, a bottle with coating is sufficient. The price for one bottle is €19,06.

In cases where the concrete itself is damaged as well,  you will need to purchase a concrete and a coating repair set. The costs for both sets are €31,76.

You can order the repair sets by simply transferring the amount mentioned above to the following bank account payable to Evolve: IBAN NL54ABNA0419316523. Please make sure to include your name, address and colour code of the product. We will send you the repair set(s) immediately.

The above-mentioned prices are including the repair manuals and delivery costs.

Repair Instructions

Instruction reparation coating BalsaBeton

Instruction reparation Concrete

Instruction Video:

*After repair, a color difference can remain visible.