BalsaBeton: exclusive and innovative

BalsaBeton is an innovative, exclusive and high-quality concrete technique. It is so innovative that it ranked fourth in the InnovatieTop 100 in the Netherlands in 2007.

BalsaBeton is composed of a special combination of materials. It is a solid and robust form of concrete that is produced according to traditional methods. BalsaBeton is flexible and very lightweight. Therefore, it can be moulded into any shape and be tailored according to your specifications. It is an exclusive high-end product that perfectly adapts to the client’s wishes.

Characteristics of BalsaBeton:

  1. Up to 80% lighter than traditional concrete and therefore highly flexible
  2. Maintenance-free, no wax or oil needed to seal and maintain your worktop
  3. Heat-resistant
  4. Spot-free due to a unique coating
  5. Crack proof
  6. BalsaBeton is available in different colours
  7. Easy to be moulded into any shape
  8. Built to last a lifetime.

BalsaBeton exclusive worktop

We are specialized in exclusive concrete techniques for a broad range of projects throughout the home. Particularly for the kitchen, we have developed an exclusive high-end worktop. As a result of the traditional production methods, each worktop has a unique structure and look. The production is conform our high-quality standards and is done by one of our passionate craftsmen. Moreover, due to its light weight it can easily be added as an eyecatching centrepiece to your kitchen. The special coating protects the worktop and strengthens the robust character of the concrete. BalsaBeton has few limitations which enables us to produce extraordinary large worktops. Think of 7 meters in one piece! Personally tailored worktops in any shape you can imagine are only one of our specialities.

BalsaBeton exclusive sink

Our client’s ideas are the foundation during the development of the final product. Therefore, we are also able to create sinks in all sizes. The light weight makes it possible to easily mount it to either a piece of furniture or a wall. Our sinks are maintenance-free and the special coating makes it perfectly suited for bathrooms.