BXL: great price quality ratio

We developed BXL in order to make concrete products available to a broader audience. By developing a standardized production process, we are able to offer this product made of real concrete for a great price quality ratio. While BXL has the same positive characteristics as BelsaBeton, it has a size limit of  295 cm. BXL is a high-quality product that fits the wishes of the average customer.
Characteristics of BXL

  1. Short production time
  2. Great price quality ratio
  3. Lightweight and therefore highly flexible
  4. Maintenance-free, no wax or oil needed to seal and maintain your worktop
  5. Heat-resistant
  6. Spot-free due to a unique coating
  7. Crack proof
  8. Available in 6 colours

BXL worktops


BXL concrete is the perfect material for worktops due to its special composition. The light weight makes it easy to install the worktop in any kitchen, regardless the brand or manufacturer. The worktops are available in standard sizes. The maximum measurements are 295cm times 120 cm and a thickness ranging from 2 to 4 cm.


Moreover, the worktops are available in 6 colours. One of the main advantages is the short production time, which enables you to quickly match your clients demands.

Are you curious about the BXL worktops and would you like to learn more about our products? We’d be delighted to explain our products and explore your ideas, just contact us!