Evolve is a family-run business which passionately seeks to develop new innovation strategies in the field of concrete. The company now employs a team of 22 that strives for the production of high quality products on a daily basis.

The company’s history begins in 1997 when the current director Berend Vriezema and his wife Evy took over ‘Van Manen Beton Industrie’. Van Manen Beton had been specialized in the craft of concrete sepulchres and septic tanks. Berend and Evy share the interest in concrete cement as a material and had been fascinated by the various possibilities to use it. Starting under the name of ‘Vriezema Betonproducten’, they began making their contribution to the craftsmanship. It was Evy who focused on the creative ways to use the material and sold them in her boutique.

Throughout the years, the family’s captivation with the only real disadvantage of concrete developed: its weight. If only they were able to find a way around that!

Berend Vriezema recalls:

I remember needing up to 9 people to place a single concrete countertop. It was such a big project and really made me think about alternatives. This search eventually led to the development of BalsaBeton – a concrete technique that is not only lightweight but also maintenance free and able to be moulded into all kinds of shapes. No more limitations, only possibilities!




The family decides to focus on the production of concrete worktops and sanitary products. As Evolve is now the biggest supplier of concrete worktops in the Netherlands, this proved to be the right move. Meanwhile, the company has grown from 5 to 22 employees and the growth continues…


Evolve introduces its latest product to the market: BXL. Through a standardized production process Evolve met the demand for a good price/quality ratio and made the product accessible to a broader public.


Evolve enters the international market. Moreover, the company is expanding their assortment by amongst others adding concrete fireplaces and hearths.


Evolve’s assortment is expanding even more by adding products such as lightweight terrazzo.


Evolve introduces another innovative product to the market: SkinConcrete. It is a revolutionary product that can transform any object into concrete! SkinConcrete is of particular interest to interior stylists, architects and artists. Also, it enabled the company to enter a new market.


BalsaBeton proved to be so innovative that Evolve ranks fourth in the most innovative company of the Netherlands.


Evolve develops BalsaBeton, thereby solving the problem of the heavy weight faced when working with traditional concrete.


The Vriezema family takes over Van Manen Betonindustrie, laying the foundation for Evolve.

Looking back at the history, there is no doubt that Evolve has earned the right to call itself an innovative family-run business!